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My cancer story begins midway through June 2015 when, after showering, I noticed a lump on the back of my head. I went to my doctor, got an appointment for a scan in July and genuinely thought it wasn’t a big deal. But then the headaches started. They were so intense and sharp, almost blinding. What was so hard about it was how I just couldn’t tell people about it. My family and work colleagues knew about it, but I just could not open up to anyone else about it as I didn’t know what was wrong with me. It was so frustrating.

After several scans, assessments and biopsies, I was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma in the first week of August. When I heard the diagnosis, I just froze. I couldn’t process it. I could not eat, talk or even think straight. It just felt like the end of the world. My treatment began 2 weeks after my diagnosis. It did not go well. I suffered an allergic reaction to one of the chemotherapy drugs and had to spend the night in Accident & Emergency. I felt so sick. I vomited three times within 36 hours of the treatment. I was so annoyed with myself because I felt I should not have been vomiting. The medicine I was given to make me better was leaving my body. I should not be sick. This should not be happening to me!

In the past month, I have had two treatments. They have gone much better thankfully. I get reminded so much about the worst part of my cancer diagnosis. So I try to focus on the fun side. I have joined various night classes and gotten involved with local cancer groups. It is so important for me to have fun as I undergo treatment. So much of my journey has been terrible but I cannot let it get me down. Cancer cannot beat me, I just won’t let it.

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  1. Be brave enough to endure all pain. It is helpful to focus on the “fun side” of your situation. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Madeline Calahanlink 1/26/2020 05:07:48 PM

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