Together we are standing up to cancer


My name is Jasmine and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in summer 2019. I knew the cancer centre already because I was supposed to volunteer here as Reiki practitioner which I was very much looking forward to. When my Garda vetting was finished I was just after getting my own diagnosis which was quite a shock. It took me a while to be able to turn to Linda and the ladies for help because I felt like I was the one that was in the role to give not to receive. I’m glad though I did I got lots of help from all the ladies and I always enjoy having a good chat with you Claire. My favourite thing to do is Music, I sing in a band called Firefly-Cork, and play low whistle and do some gardening and arts. I am very grateful for this group and the centre. Where you can talk and also rant and cry if needed without being judged. I’m in the middle of treatment now. 🙂 here is a picture of me with my steroid hamster cheeks and my partner who I’m very grateful for too

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