Together we are standing up to cancer

Helena O’ Brien


There are those moments in life where you feel most humbled and for me it was when Linda asked me if I would be an Ambassador of the Cork Cancer Care Centre. 


When you hear those words ‘it is cancer’ your world goes in to a spin and it can take a little time to settle down but you know one thing you need to get on the rollercoaster of treatment to get better.  It may feel like it is getting worse before it gets better but believe me, when you take the time to heal following treatment, there is the most amazing world waiting for you to enjoy.


I recall reading an article online while in the throws of chemotherapy about the long-term effects of cancer treatment being post traumatic stress disorder.  I began to research how to heal and mentioned to a friend that I had been looking for somewhere that would understand the challenges I faced.  She told me immediately that the Cork Cancer Care Centre would be the perfect fit for me, how it has a feeling of home when you enter through the doors and she was right!


When I think about the Cork Cancer Care Centre, I think about the hope, security and care that Linda and the team have provided me with since October 2019.  As I struggled to understand why I developed breast cancer and how my body was going to heal from the ordeal, there were an amazing group of people in the Cork Cancer Care Centre who were there to offer their support every step of the way.  Not just the Linda and her team including the therapists and counsellors but my fellow cancer warriors.  You quickly realise that you are not on your own, you are part of an incredible exclusive group of people where nothing matters but your healing journey.  Sharing stories and experiences, know that they will never tilt their head to one side in pity but in fact, stand beside you and support you, laugh with you, understand your tears and celebrate your every milestone. 


So when I was asked to be an Ambassador for Cork Cancer Care Centre, I felt incredibly honoured and privileged to be a representative of My Safe Haven and the incredible warriors who each and every day inspire those around them to be strong and keep going.