Together we are standing up to cancer

Jenny Schmiedel

Jenny has been doing pole fitness for 8 years. What started as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession which she turned into a business. She has been running her own pole studio , EM Pole Fitness, for the last 3 years! Since starting pole and owing her own business as well as working full time in a medical device company Jenny has competed in pole competitions all over Ireland (all Ireland pole dance championships: second place solo 2017 amateur ,second place pro doubles 2019 / pole princess Ireland 2017 winner amateur , pro doubles 2019 winner) , China ( world pole championships) and the UK( IPAAT ).


Pole is one of the best workouts , it’s tough but it’s fun and it can be sore but it’s so rewarding when you finally get that move / spin / combo you’ve been working on!


A gain of pole is confidence…Jenny has seen this in both herself and her students ! Pole gives people so much confidence in themselves and their body it’s incredible to see and both these physical and emotional victories are Jenny’s favourite part of her job as a pole instructor.


Two years ago a friend of Jenny’s suggested the cork cancer care centre when Jenny was looking for a charity / centre to help at and to make a positive change. Jenny wanted to spread more confidence and happiness by teaching free terms throughout the year for women who had been or are suffering from cancer. Pole is the ultimate confidence booster and nothing is more important than loving yourself and being happy with who you are! These classes are all about learning to love yourself ❤️


EM Pole Fitness

Jenny Schmiedel - Pole Fitness Instructor