Together we are standing up to cancer

Linda Goggin James

chief executive officer (CEO)

Linda Goggin James is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Cork Cancer Care Centre.


Initially, Linda met Ann in 2014 through a mutual friend, who was on a journey with cancer.  In late October of that year, she offered her time to help Ann with events. This is where Linda brings in to our centre  her qualifications in training and staffing ,so that every person has the best qualification for their role within the centre. 

  Linda had worked with many people who had cancer  during her career.   On a personal level, Linda has a very deep understanding of the effects cancer has on the family unit and knows the trauma and devastation cancer can have on a family. Ann approached Linda to offer her the position of manager of the centre. 

When Ann’s health deteriorated in 2016, Linda took on more responsibility in all the day to day running’s of the centre,  dealing with our councilors and holistic therapists , as well as organising fundraising events.  Having been mentored by Ann, Linda succeeded her in the operations of the centre after her untimely death in October 2017.

In 2020 Linda was promoted to chief executive officer (CEO)

Linda and her team continue to support all of those on the journey with cancer through their services