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Petra Kopalova

Holistic Therapist

I have qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner since 2017 as well as working as a hospital healthcare assistant. Trying to figure out the primary cause is one of the main reasons why I love shiatsu as a bodywork therapy that addresses both the physical and mental/emotional. Being able to work through physical tension while indirectly alleviating the mental/emotional tension when clients are feeling looser, relaxed, composed.

Shiatsu is rooted in Traditional Oriental Medicine with an effective system of healthcare for over 3000 years. Shiatsu originated in Japanese and means in Japanese for finger pressure but the use of thumbs, elbows, knees and feet can be used when applying pressure and stretching as techniques of Shiatsu treatment. In the oriental view all physical and emotional problems are viewed as disruptions in the body’s flow of life energy called Chi or Ki. Flow along channels or meridians of the major organs in the body.