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Rachael Falvey

Rachael has just completed her Master’s degree in Psychological Sciences with a focus on clinical psychology. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a diploma in Criminology and Criminal Psychology, and intends to further her education in the future by obtaining a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Rachael is accredited by the PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland).


Rachael’s experience in her studies gives her an understanding of psychological issues and experience with case formulation so as to assist in setting a treatment plan and formulating possible reasons for a client’s issues. She has studied a wide variety of treatment options, including CBT, cognitive therapy, behavioural therapy, family therapy, psychodynamic therapy and humanistic and experiential therapies.


Rachael also has much experience in research, and believes that the integration of research, theory and practice is key to the functioning of all clinical psychologists. Rachael aims to use this along with her knowledge in psychology to assist psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors to improve client therapy outcome and positive response to therapy.