Together we are standing up to cancer

Aileen O’Meara


Aileen O’Meara has been on the board of Directors for Cork Cancer Care Centre since 2012.  When her great friend Ann Downey Spillane asked her to join her wonderful charity back then, she had no hesitation in saying yes.


Aileen is a member of An Garda Síochána and has a great interest in helping others.  She has a diploma in Mediation and Criminology and Forensic Psychology .


“Unfortunately for us all, Ann died in 2017, but she certainly has left a wonderful legacy in her trusted and loyal friend Linda Goggin James  and her staff.  The fantastic work that is being done by Cork Cancer Care Centre and the  Blankets of  Hope is amazing, and I,  as a cancer survivor know that.”

Aileen O'Meara