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Wig & Scarf Bank

The Cork Cancer Care Centre is the only wig bank in Ireland, where you can avail of a free wig, turbans or scarves, which have kindly been donated.


These will be professionally fitted by our wig and hair loss specialist, free of charge.


Privacy and discretion is assured.


Gina Cahalane Wig and Hair Replacement Specialist

Gina Cahalane - Wig and Hair Loss Specialist

In total, Gina has worked in this field for over 15 years helping people suffering with hair loss. It is this experience that allows her to create an atmosphere of understanding and empathy to all her clients on their visit to tHAIRapi. She is hugely respectful and sympathetic towards this area being such a delicate matter.


There are a wide range of medical hair replacements to suit everyone’s needs. She also has a selection of head scarves, hats, etc.


Starting with the initial diagnosis, she will be there to support you throughout the entire period of your recovery. She begins with an informal meet and greet held at a location that is convenient to you or in private consultation studios in the Cork Cancer Care Centre. Here she will familiarise you with each step of the process and there will be plenty of time for to ask any questions in relation to before, during and after and how she can support you on this journey.